Work in progress. Material Encounters (working title) 
A book of Scores for Cafe Oto’s OTOROKU Label to be published in Summer, 2024.

2024. Rhythm/ Resonance: Unspecified (Solo Percussion)
Premiered at Goldsmiths, University of London as part of the EMS event “Sounding the Great Hall”

Rhythm/Resonance is a WIP composition for cymbal, spatialised drums, transducers and mixing desk. 

2024. Lanch/ Take Flight
Electro-acoustic composition

2023. CLEAVE 
Electro-acoustic composition included on my debut album Solos for _ _ _ _ Spaces. 

2023. Inter/action
(Percussion Duo) 
Premiered as part of the Percussion showcase at Darmstadt Summer Course for New Music, August 2023. Performed by Kristýna Švihlíková and Jason Chen. 

Inter/action is a semi-improvised composition for two percussionists snare drums, cassette recorders and guitar amplifiers. “Side A” and “Side B” each trace the evolution of the performer’s relationship to these objects, each other, and technological sounds which are typically considered non-musical. Their search for a rhythmic, timbral and emotional language through which they can communicate offers a mediation on tenderness, intimacy, and the spectrum of emotional intensities which shape how we relate to the wider world, others, and ourselves.

2023. Improvising the Archive: Responding to Hugh Davies’ “Music for Two Springs(1977)”

(Solo percussion)
Premiered at Goldsmiths, University of London.

For amplifiers, percussion and objects from the EMS Hugh Davies collection.


More coming soon...